The Ultimate Russian Recipes

This ebook will take you through 15 most remarkable Russian dishes, complete with tips and hacks by the author. Most of the dishes are beginner-friendly and ready to be started immediately.

Featuring 15 All-time Favorite Russian Recipes

Here are a few snippets you can expect to see.

Classic Chebureki

Chebureki is a deep-fried Russian turnover filled with savory ground meat.


Oreshki are walnut-shaped Russian cookies that are filled with dulce de leche. 

Cake Napoleon

Cake Napoleon is a festive, multi-layered torte of custard and delicate cake.

What Makes this Ebook So Special

Years of work, feedback from many people around the world and even a cook directly from Russia were brought together to bring to life the PERFECT book of The Ultimate Russian Recipes. These recipes will walk you along to create classic Russian dishes, simpler and easier than ever.


Beginner-friendly recipes

Author's page-by-page hacks and tips

Printable pages

15 must-have Russian dishes

About the Author

Natalya was born in a small village, tucked far away in rural Ukraine. Her father spent most of his days riding a tractor on a farm, being a big food source to the former Soviet Union. Her mother, when not helping out on the farm, was a homemaker for her husband and five children. Even through the most dire economic hardship, her parents managed to put delicious food on the table.  

Today, Natalya's dishes are driven by the creativity and resourcefulness that lived inside her family recipes and enriched by the deep-Siberian upbringings of her husband Timofey. She firmly believes a homemade meal should not be difficult to prepare. Natalya uses simple ingredients and a relaxed approach to bring you food inspired by the generations that came before her.

See What Others Are Saying

“From the stunning photos to the crystal clear instructions, this is the most comprehensive cookbook on Russian and Ukrainian cooking I've ever seen. From appetizers, soups and salads to dinner to desserts, Natalya had a knack for making the classics both approachable and utterly delicious.”

“I love this collection of recipes- truly the best of the best from Russian Cuisine.  Whether you grew up eating Russian food, or want to explore something new, you will love this book. This is a beautifully photographed cookbook with detailed instructions (the Pelmeni will make your mouth water). The recipes are timeless and you’ll make them over and over.”

Natasha Kravchuk

Blogger @ Natasha's Kitchen

“What a gorgeous book this is! I love the choice of recipes and they all look delicious! Looking through the pictures brings a lot of memories from childhood when my mom would make her version of these recipes. So convenient to have them all in one place ❤️”

Marina Shaylitsa

Blogger @ Let The Baking Begin

“Beautiful images with simple recipes to go with it. Plus helpful tips for success. This ebook is a must for anyone who wants to master Russian cooking.”

Katya Kurmayev

Blogger @ Little Broken

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