15 Recipes for a Hassle Free Thanksgiving

Do you need help hosting thanksgiving? Don't know where to start? This ebook will break down the dishes by cold/hot sides, meats, desserts and various ways to prepare your turkey. Make your thanksgiving hassle free and crazy easy with this ebook.

The Only Thanksgiving Guide You Will Need

Includes 3 favorite ways to prepare the turkey.

Simple Roast Turkey

This simple recipe comes out tender, juicy and packed with savory herb butter.

Spatchcock Tur

Spatchcock turkey is a game-changer. Not only is it juicy, it cooks in a fraction of the time.

Smoked Turkey

Switch up your turkey with this delicious smoked turkey recipe. It's so good!

What Makes this Ebook So Special

This ebook breaks down the thanksgiving menu by meats, cold & warm sides, desserts, various ways to prepare a turkey, and even ways to repurpose those leftovers. Hosting thanksgiving has never been so simple.


Beginner-friendly recipes

3 different ways to prepare a turkey

More ways to use up the turkey

Varieties of hot and cold side dishes

A collection of complimentary sweets

All recipes are printer-friendly

A Word From the Author

I am so excited for you to try these recipes next time you host the thanksgiving. This guide will help you plan out your menu in a constructive way and let you reuse the same ingredients in more dishes. This way you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time celebrating with friends and family.

This is the same technique that has helped me cut on the hassle and save up plenty of time for friends and family.

Tag @momsdish when you make the recipes to share them with me!



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